The first community #NBATopShotBracketChallenge is over!

Thanks to all who participated or helped organize (thanks @veerman for hosting), and big thanks to @nbatopshot for donating packs to the 100 winners.

Link to the "NBA Top Shot 2021" group

The required entry tweet containing the "#NBATopShotBracketChallenge" hashtag was used to link participants "NBA Top Shot 2021" group username to their Top Shot username. If no tweet was found, but the group username matched an existing Top Shot username, we included it in the results. If an error was made, please let us know immediately.

We have reached out to Top Shot, they said they would distribute packs shortly.

Full list of winners:
TS UsernamePrize
Liamv777Rare pack + 2 MGLE packs (donated by Libruary)
andywangRare pack
The_V_SRare pack
BFLewis3Rare pack
manomirthRare pack
Idol_LiesRare pack
robd1983Rare pack
DrazhenRare pack
BoroBoRare pack
Andy6789Cool Cats pack
Ezreal88Cool Cats pack
upngooCool Cats pack
The_Zack_BarnesCool Cats pack
gunsmoothCool Cats pack
SpliffardJeffersonCool Cats pack
DanielToldYouCool Cats pack
EurostylzCool Cats pack
SabenleestanCool Cats pack
DatFlipLifeCool Cats pack
JkdalemuCool Cats pack
NINXTCCool Cats pack
WetTshirtJudgeCool Cats pack
preciousjewelCool Cats pack
Log0LillardCool Cats pack
NaesyvelBase pack
Sooner6787Base pack
richardat01Base pack
Zeus_Base pack
JeanClaudeBase pack
Jaim66Base pack
RNieves5Base pack
ErkugzBase pack
RohhabaBase pack
UndyingBase pack
KloppShotBase pack
TheMaltzBase pack
JoesudeBase pack
Urbanomics69Base pack
ArinulkinpilulkinBase pack
KwattsBase pack
Jleit13Base pack
BoomBaby43Base pack
BeeferBase pack
kid_smoothBase pack
securethedubBase pack
WelshoBase pack
tsiniBase pack
mke_bucksBase pack
MerV1ngBase pack
jsantaga10Base pack
Rsickler22Base pack
sbmitchellBase pack
JackLondonJetsBase pack
ChairmanMahBase pack
munich_ballerBase pack
d3tailsBase pack
Jayceman41Base pack
tjsoyyBase pack
Marcus124Base pack
Andy31Base pack
StevieCash69Base pack
AOCBase pack
JinramyunBase pack
HanaleiJayBase pack
Remon74Base pack
Stsimpson22Base pack
JonBoyBeatsBase pack
Keysersoze13Base pack
Monstars_JBase pack
Pianoman26Base pack
spenserstrodeBase pack
xarosBase pack
WindwardSkiesBase pack
adnobleBase pack
PeacefulWarriorBase pack
DD4Base pack
69Nice69Base pack
King_DingusBase pack
TLCDLBase pack
armastaBase pack
vagstaby77Base pack
Rwolf34Base pack
TheTalesmanBase pack
FRAN_NYBase pack
broghapaBase pack
PaulnbacardsukBase pack
SquirlmasterBase pack
jmtorresBase pack
Stale_bubble_gumBase pack
DrucrittBase pack
ThereepsBase pack
Gg126Base pack
CrouseHouseBase pack
Taylor_ryanBase pack
bgoBase pack
ceksiBase pack
_Base pack
Ditto623Base pack
Mrdudley11Base pack
Maverickstothemoon40Base pack

Corrections made to above winners:
TS UsernameTweetPrize
snarling_carolina_dogTweetBase pack

The 2021 NBA Playoffs are here!

We have organized a community playoff bracket challenge and NBA Top Shot has generously donated amazing packs for prizes.

Winners are determined based on the total score in the "NBA Top Shot 2021" bracket group.